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Rosie’s Playhouse Mission:

Providing community-based support to children as they heal from the devastation of family addition by renewing their hope, joy and self-worth through learning, creativity and social bonds.

Rosie's program is no cost to participants and offers:

  • Opportunity to safely communicate feelings

  • Learn healthy coping skills

  • Age appropriate education on addiction and its affect on the family

  • Fostering children's strengths and self-esteem

  • Simple nutrition and self-care

  • Activities to reinforce the program's mission including art, physical education, and creating non-cook light meals and snacks

  • Age appropriate books about addiction and feelings

  • Arts supplies

  • Fun! 










How To Reach Us

By Phone: 216-446-0080

Program Information:

General inquiries:


Volunteer Opportunity:

Correspondence address: Rosie's Playhouse

                                         6288 Saylor Drive

                                                 Brook Park, Ohio 44142


Who We Are:

Rosie's Playhouse Board of Directors:

Kathleen Stautihar, President

Ronald Stupka, Vice-president/Secretary

Richard Scott, Treasurer

Marc Pagano, Clinical Director

Jeffrey Duke,  Director of Communications

Rachel McDonnell, Director of Program Content

Jennifer Scott, Educational Director










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